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A floral divider with a lotus flower in the centre, surrounded by blooming jasmine.

Tumblr: @lapinlunaire-games

Itch.io: Leave me a comment on itch! Check out my games at Lapin Lunaire Games

IFDB: Lapin Lunaire Games

Intfic Community Forum: LapinLunaireGames

Email: lapinlunaire fhtehrrelk;fjsd[dot] ifgames [at] gmail [dot] com

The Neo-Interactives

The best way to reach me is via one of the above methods, but if you are in possession of six raven feathers, opal (unbroken), moonwater, unbloomed jasmine, and three candles (unscented preferred, though if you are confident in your choice of scent, by all means proceed), I may be contacted via ritual message.

Use red candles only in the most dire of emergencies; for mundane communications, any other colour will do quite nicely. Pastries are also a welcome addition to attempts at summoning either my presence or a response. Do not substitute opalite for opal: that line goes to somebody else named Jinques, and I've never quite been successful at getting all my communications back from from her.


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