About Lapin Lunaire Games

A floral divider with a lotus flower in the centre, surrounded by blooming jasmine.

Lapin Lunaire Games is the passion project of Jinx, a writer and self-taught solo indie game developer.

A portrait-style illustration of Jinx, a young Asian-American woman. The color palette is limited, using only red accents on black and white. She has dark hair, fair skin, and red eyes, and is wearing Victorian Lolita-inspired clothing. She carries a dagger in her left hand and a mystical-looking umbrella in the other. Red magic swirls out from her dagger.
A portrait by my friend Isaac.

Her work examines self-identification and concepts of monstrosity, particularly through a comparative lens trained on classic literature and pop culture, and has received awards from the IFDB Awards, the IF Short Games Showcase, and Ectocomp. She is interested in exploring identity as it intersects with affect theory, narrative, and self-fragmentation.

Jinx is a co-founder of The Neo-Interactives, a hub dedicated to connecting interactive fiction creatives and IF-adjacent jams.

Outside of IF, Jinx enjoys studying natural languages, putting her fountain pens to good use, and analog photography (mostly of the food she makes and the people she shares it with).

On interactive fiction

I discovered digital interactive fiction in early 2020, shortly after the first period of quarantine/lockdown began in my area. With painfully ample time and a vastly minimized variety of ways to occupy it, experiencing interactive fiction swiftly transformed from a mild interest into profound fascination and a growing interest in creating IF of my own.

I released my first IF project, Elsinore: After Hamlet, soon after in May 2021, with zero previous game or web dev experience (my Neopets never progressed past the basic petpage layouts ;)). The response it received threw open gates to a rich, wonderfully diverse community of authors, artists, and players that I was all too eager to dive into. Since then, I have continued to write, learn, and share these emotionally-charged pixels, and I hope to do so for a good while to come.

Play my games here.


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