The bookshelf initially appeared to be a mere inset in the wall, but now stretches out into a labyrinthine wealth of book-lined shelves and gentle sconces. A plush armchair sits invitingly to the left, dark leather gleaming in the warm light of the lamp beside it.

A note affixed to the nearest shelf reads: Hovering over a zine will reveal its title, a short blurb, and a link to read it.


Age Rating

All E for Everybody 18+

Year Published

All 2024 2023
PavaneA zine that might also be a feverish, very late night experiment into psychological auto-leeching. Autobiographical if you are a very specific armchair in an underheated building in upstate New York, fantastical if you are a catgirl with red hair and moxie that just doesn't know when to quit, and inadvisable to consume if you are under the age of eighteen. Inadmissable evidence. Available exclusively here on Neocities.Read
lilacLove, like blood, must be spilled to be swallowed. Sometimes the sweetest love stories live between the lines; sometimes biting is a love language all its own. Companion zine to the playable first volume of the darling wine duology, available on